Case Studies

Some of Our Work

Ad Concept Testing & Tracking

Financial and Insurance industry

Problem:  Major financial and insurance company have developed a new product and needed to create marketing strategies to advertise a new product to the target market. Two creative ideas were developed for testing to see which one has the highest potential in the market. Upon launching the advertising campaign, the success of the strategy needed to be measured.

Solution:  The methodology comprised of two stages:

1. Monadic concept test. The results of each concept
were compared to the company’s gold standard of success.

2. Pre-launch study as a benchmark followed by a  
continuous weekly tracker.

Strategic Implications:

1. The advertising campaign chosen at the first stage has created much social response and generated a high volume of new leads and 20% increase in sales of retirement products.

2. Weekly tracker analysis revealed a path to consumer decision-making and the effect of advertising. This insight facilitated streamlining processes in the customer service department.

QSR: Best Practices Handbook

Financial and Insurance industry

Problem:  A FMCG client needed to understand what drives visitation and perception of value to QSR restaurants to establish best practices and empower the sales team with proven growth tactics.

Solution: a custom U&A study was conducted. As part of the design, Mobile Ethnography and Max-Diff methodologies was used to identify the most appealing tactics.

Strategic Implications: Nine (9) key strategies and selling points were identified through the analysis that enable increased traffic in-store and online.