This is How You Cut Market Research Costs and Increase the Quality of an Insight

Have you ever worked with full-service research companies? How satisfying was your experience? Were you happy with the processes and the ROI of the received insights? According to the latest GRIT report, only 55% of the clients are satisfied with their market research suppliers. And I don’t blame them.

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Loyalty Cards: Staying Connected in the Digital Era

With the increasing number of brands and retailers, creating sustainable loyalty programs, an unbreakable emotional bond with the customer is critically important for a business. According to a Gallup study, customers with strong emotional connections to retailers visit their respective stores 32% more often and spend 46% more money than those without emotional bonds. How do companies create these bonds? Starting at the end of 20th century, brands and retailers largely relied on loyalty card programs to connect to the customers to ensure that they continued using the brand. The question is – are these bonds strong enough to withstand new technological advancements?

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